Terms and Conditions

※ Terms of Service
By using the Service (the "Member"), completing the registration process, or starting to use the Service, it means that it has read, understood and agreed to accept all the contents of this Terms of Service and fully accept the existing and future Derivative services and content.

  1. Cognition and consent clause
    • When the Member completes the registration process and begins to use the Service, the Member has agreed to agree to all the contents of this Terms and agrees to use the Service in accordance with the terms of this Agreement.
    • In the case of a minor, the use of the service shall be made only after the consent of the legal representative of the parent.
    • If the Company determines that it is necessary, the Company may change the terms and conditions of the existing and future derivative services at any time without prior notice to the members.
  2. Membership registration obligations
    • Members of the service, should be responsible for their own strict custody of the account and password, so as not to be used improperly. All acts performed by the password are treated as members' actions.
    • The Company reserves the right to suspend or terminate the member's account without prior notice, and refuse to use part or all of its services.
    • The company has the right to delete or modify the wrong message issued by members, and to retain the power of the company published on the site or not.
  3. Personal data security
    • The Company respects the privacy of users.
    • In accordance with the Privacy Policy, the Company properly handles the user's privacy and personal data.
    • Members are provided with personal information provided by Hobby Fan Company for the purpose of sending EDM and its own services to the Service or the services derived from the Service. Without the consent of the Members, we will never provide the personal data of the Member to any service that is not related to the Service Third person.
  4. Prohibited matters
    Members are committed not to use the Service for any unlawful purpose or in any unlawful manner and to comply with all applicable laws of the Country in which the Member is located and the International Practices of the Internet. Members who use the Service prohibit the following:
    • Violation of the laws and regulations or the company's services to the various regulations, notes or other related business behavior.
    • Damage to the Company or other person's reputation, privacy, business secret, trademark, copyright, patent rights, other intellectual property rights and other rights.
    • Publish, upload, publish any defamatory, insulting, threatening, offensive, indecent, obscene, false, in violation of public order or good customs or other unlawful words, pictures or any form of the document on the Service.
    • Engage in unlawful trade, sell prohibited items or post a crime that introduces a crime.
    • All acts of the Company that are reasonably justified as inappropriate.